The Big Fat Annual Concert and Quiz of The Year Answers!


A massive thank you to all of you that came along to our annual concert and quiz! As promised, we’ve posted the answers to all the questions below. 

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Blameless Sire – Les Miserables

A Homeopath Theft Prone – Phantom of the Opera

Choke Horrors Worthy – Rocky Horror Show

A Neutering Young – Annie Get Your Gun

Terror Hops Foothills Little Shop of Horrors

Fuchsia Topic South Pacific

Rammed Lying – Me and My Girl

Mafia Dryly – My Fair Lady

Mental Torn Ox – Next to Normal

Mahatma Jag Pee – The Pajama Game


Opening medley songs

  • There’s No Business Like Show Business – Annie Get Your Gun

  • Circle of Life – Lion King

  • Hello – Book of Mormon

  • Prologue – Into the Woods

  • Good Morning Baltimore – Hairspray

  • All That Jazz – Chicago

  • Ohmigod – Legally Blonde

  • Another Opening, Another Show – Kiss Me Kate

Men in Musicals

Which famous Wolverine starred as Curly in in the 1999 movie version of Oklahoma?

Hugh Jackman

Which famous Scotsman played alongside Emmy Rossum in Phantom of the Opera?

Gerard Butler 

Which Gladiator tortured our ears in Les Miserables?

Russel Crowe

This actor has appeared in movie versions of Rocky Horror Picture Show AND Annie – bonus points if you can name his characters

Tim Curry – Dr Frank N. Furter, Rooster

Which Jedi starred alongside Nicole Kidman in Baz Luhrman’s Moulin Rouge – bonus point if you can name the rocker that is credited as one of the voices of the Green Fairy

Ewan McGregor, Ozzy Osborne 

Animals in Musicals

Which animals did Rocky address each time he entered his apartment in Rocky, The musical?


Which Cat from Cats is named after TS Eliot’s own cat?


What kind of Animal is Doctor Dillamond in Wicked? Bonus point if you can name what kind of animal Chistery Nikko is.

Goat, Spider Monkey 

Reality TV Stars into Musicals

Which Joseph married – and divorced – Denise Van Outen?

Lee Mead

Which Maria went on to play Molly Jensen in Ghost? Bonus point if you can name the Maria she replaced in the live rounds

Siobhan Dillon – Emilie Alford

Which role did X Factor Series 1’s Cassie Compton go on to play in Wicked?


Which Dorothy is currently understudying Danielle Hope in The Sound of Music?

Jessica Robinson

Regional wild card fluke vote Dorothy Emilie Fleming was bizarrely cast in which show last year – even though we all know she can’t sing?

Les Miserables

The Annual Mad Props Sports Round 

Wicketkeeper Matt Prior, who helped England win three Ashes series, recently announced his retirement from cricket. He won 79 Test caps, and helped England to three Ashes series victories between 2009 and 2013. But can you name the actress who played Rachel in Glee?

Lea Michele

Cole Hammer, of Houston, will become the third-youngest golfer to play in the US Open, which takes place from 18-21 June at Chambers Bay. But can you name Elle’s sorority in Legally Blonde?

Delta Nu

Shamed cyclist Lance Armstrong has recently compared himself to evil wizard Voldemort in the Harry Potter books, but which Billy Elliot returned to play older Billy in the screening?

Liam Mower

Two Donegal minor footballers and two members of the team’s backroom staff have been given eight-week suspensions. Which Tony Awards presenter starred recently in Hedwig and The Angry Inch? Bonus points if you can name the Glee/YouTube star who has taken over the role

Neil Patrick Harris, Darren Criss 

Musical Theatre Scandals

In 2013, which former soap star performing in a West End musical cheated on his wife with his co-star? (Points for name of actor, parts he and his co-star played and name of musical)

Ben Freeman (Fiyero) and Gina Beck (Galinda), Wicked

Which Broadway diva referred to Andrew Lloyd-Webber as ‘an unhappy man and an alcoholic?

Bonus point for why she sued him. Extra point, why did Faye Dunaway sue ALW?

Patti LuPone

Broke her contract for opening Sunset Boulevard.

Broke her contract for Sunset Boulevard, telling her her voice was not strong enough for the LA run. 

John Travolta became an instant meme for calling Idina Menzel by the wrong name before she was due to perform at the Oscars in 2014, we want the name he called her in 2014 and then the name she called him in 2015?

Adele Dazeem and Glom Gazingo 

Which of the following serial murders has NOT been made into a musical: the Ipswich prostitute murders; the Ripper murders; Fred and Rosemary West; the Moors murders; the Manson family.

Fred and Rosemary West

Which Unauthorised Musical Parody saw Sarah Michelle Gellar, Selma Blair and Reese Witherspoon enjoying a night out at, and even saw Sarah and Selma enjoying a smooch?

Cruel Intentions

Tony Awards

Following its Tony snub, which musical is set to close on Sunday? Extra point for naming the actress in the lead role

The Visit; Chita Rivera 

The 2015 Tony Awards was pretty much a 2 horse race, name the two musicals in question and which of them won Best Musical?

Fun Home (winner) and An American in Paris 

Who has one the most Tony Awards and how many? Extra points for naming the choreographer with the most awards and how many; the composer with the most awards and how many; and the performer with the most awards and how many? (One point for each detail)

Harold Prince; Bob Fosse; Stephen Sondheim; Audra MacDonald 

Which of the following, has NEVER, hosted the Tony Awards: Julie Andrews, Idina Menzel, Angela Lansbury, Bea Arthur, Bernadette Peters, Whoopi Goldberg, Liza Minelli

Idina Menzel

In 1960 Lauri Peters shared her nomination for best featured actress in a musical with Kathy Dunn, Evanna Lien, Mary Susan Locke, Marilyn Rogers, William Snowden and Joseph Stewart, for what role(s)?

The Von Trapp Children

Finish the Lyrics

‘How do you catch a cloud and pin it down’ – Maria, The Sound of Music

‘Pull out the stopper’ – I’m Getting Married in the Morning, My Fair Lady

‘Don’t you care that I’ve started to bleed’ – And Eve Was Weak, Carrie

‘True, sir, true’ – Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir, Sweeney Todd

‘Confused and all mixed up’ – Electricity, Billy Elliot

‘Our daughter’s daughter’s will adore us’ – Sister Suffragette, Mary Poppins

‘Ask of you’ – All I Ask of You, Phantom of the Opera

‘Drugs’ – Naughty Girl, Mr G The Musical (Summer Heights High)

‘Boogidy boogidy boodigy boodigy shooby sho wap sho wap, sha na na na na na na na yippity boom de boom’  – We Go Together, Grease

Picture Round


Pete’s Dragon


Les Mis

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Phantom of the Opera


The Do NOT Sing List 

Still Hurting – Last 5 Years

On My Own – Les Miserables

Somewhere that’s Green – Little Shop of Horrors

Wizard and I – Wicked

Astonishing – Little Women

Don’t Rain on my Parade – Funny Girl

Defying Gravity – Wicked

Gimme Gimme – Thoroughly Modern Millie

Let it Go – Frozen


Name the actor who originated the role of Sebastian the Crab in The Little Mermaid Musical. Bonus point if you can name his character in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Extra bonus point if you can name the Jukebox Musical where he made his broadway debut

Titus Burgess; Titus Andromedon; Good Vibrations

Which ban did Cameron Mackintosh and Thomas Schumacher place on Mary Poppins not long after its debut that sparked minor controversy?

Children under the age of 3

Name the year that the Disney movie Hercules was released and Lion King the Musical first opened?


The Lion King celebrated its 500th performance in Germany last year – but what unique method of transport gets you to the location of the Theater im Hafen?


Which ‘Scottish’ actor starred as the Beast in the London production of Beauty and the Beast?

John Barrowman

Name who has been cast in the 2017 Beauty and The Beast Adaptation. A point for each of the following characters:

Belle – Emma Watson

Gaston – Luke Evans

The Beast – Dan Stevens

Lumiere – Ewan McGregor

Mrs Potts – Emma Thompson

Cogsworth – Ian McKellen 

I Speak Six Languages 

We have ran the lyrics to famous musical theatre songs through six languages and back to English on Google translate and we would like you to tell us the song and the musical it’s from:

Rain , face, shining like silver

All lights are deep fog on the river

In the dark , the wood is full of stars

And he’s all I could see was me forever

Les Miserables – On My Own

My head!

You can find walking link


I have a very good idea

In fact the tobacco industry

Finally , because it is true .

Helm , Master , I will do so .

to help



The spirit of care .


The rain , however.

Funny Girl – Don’t Rain on My Parade




Full woman!

How is it

Light days

Storm continues

Although too cool!

Frozen, Let it Go

Sulfur is very high

I once heard a lullaby and the earth .

One of the blue sky

You dare to dream , and dream ,

Real Madrid.

Wizard of Oz, Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Energy , deer hind legs

Ray Golden Sun

Read the name , do not call me .

So , very, very long run

Fashion , pulling needle and thread

No, wireless monitoring rules

Tea, bread , jam and beverages

Sound of Music – Do Re Mi

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