The (hilarious) Mad Props Theatre Skydive!

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Faye Creechan jumped out of a plane to raise money for Mad Props Theatre and the jump was completed without a hitch in sight…almost.

Now, we promised some funny pictures but we never, ever, thought that they would be as comical as what we have below for you. Faye jumped out of the plane, and loved it. She even gave a Mad Props Thumbs up as she came down. But, as you can see below, when it came to landing Faye fainted and missed the whole thing!

Have a look below, share the photos, and if you’d like to make a last minute donation head here.

Thanks from all of us at Mad Props Theatre for completing the jump Faye…you’re a living legend!



Uh oh!
Faye faints on the job…


Much better now!
Faye comes round with a might thumbs up!

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